Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Review: Modscarfie: Scarves, Fashion, Accessories

My friend, Nadia, recently started blogging started a blog, Modscarfie. I absolutely love her posts! She has the prettiest clothing items, accessories and perfectly matching hijabs (scarves). She opened an Etsy shop online and is selling items she has featured on her blog and other items such as accessories, scarves and clothes. She sent me some items that I would like to share on here:

Here are the three items: a bracelet, a pin and a hijab.

I must say, my favorite is the bracelet because of the adorable little owl it has! How cute is that? The pin is sweet and will add a nice touch to a hijab.

The hijab is so soft! It is quite long so it can be wrapped several times.

Thank you Nadia! Check out her blog and Etsy shop if you want to check out her wonderful stuff!

**Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me by Nadia! Thank you.

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  1. Nice accessories. I think, these accessories give a wonderful look.