Thursday, July 7, 2011

#Tahrirideas for July 8 Protests

(photo copyright(c)Zeinab Khalil)

Egyptians are planning massive protests on July 8 in Tahrir and many other places in Egypt. There have been injuries, harassment and other problems that have been occurring at protests since the January 25 revolution.

(photo copyright(c)Zeinab Khalil)

Many people have been coming up with ideas on how to keep protesters safe (for the most part) and to take several precautions at Tahrir. On Twitter, there was a hashtag #tahrirideas and there were so many great ideas so I compiled them all here. Please keep these all in mind. If you have any other suggestions, do use the hashtagh on twitter #tahrirideas or comment down below. It would be great to have committees to carry out and organize these ideas. Get ready ...

(photo copyright(c)Zeinab Khalil)

Security and safety
@Psypherize If we get attacked in #Tahrir Square again. We need slingshots for the rocks, better than throwing. #TahrirIdeas #Jan25 #July8

@H_I_S_H_A_M RT @sandmonkey: RT @ivasostar: @Sandmonkey bring bike helmets in case of emergency #Tahrirideas #TahrirIdeass

@ntantawy @Sandmonkey how about using a unified warning sound, like a horn, etc to warn of thug/army/police attacks? #TahrirIdeas

@A_M_Sabry #Tahrirideas We need watchers that can tell of any threats at at least 500 mt away from tahrir We need 15 minutes alarm before any attack

@Mwforhr RT @nellyali: @Sandmonkey we should make badges for all first aiders so we can keep pressure off the doctors in emergencies #TahrirIdeas

@Salma_El_Tarzi @ntantawy @Sandmonkey #TahrirIdeas during the 18 days we wore whistles around our necks in case we got attacked going in or out of square

@dshawki Having people secure entrances to the square to ensure that no weapons (or things that can be used as weapons) or thugs get in #tahrirideas

@omarelsewefy #Tahrirideas guys bring masks , bicarbonate and first aid supplies in case the cops wanted to tango with us

@nolesfan2011 #tahrirideas boxes of premade gas masks

@msibrahim One tent at the Center clearly marked for first aid, heat injuries;stock with gauze, disinfectants, aspirins, ice, ice bags #Tahrirideas

@msibrahim A few motorcycles for transportation of supplies, and emergency transportation of people #Tahrirideas

Rights and Equality

@nellyali: we should have, during the day and evening (any number) of workshops about ur rights if arrested #TahrirIdea

@LeilZahra Be attentive to racism in big gathering i.e. #Tahrir - say no to racism and classicism #TahrirIdeas

@zaynabon #tahrirideas don't pollute+always make sure to clean up after yourself. politely ask others to do so too. tahrir is hallow ground:respect it

@E_T_C_H Simple idea, everyone will go with his supplies, water, cola, mask, and whatever,if going home, he will leave anything unused #Tahrirideas

@Ahmed1khalil Also have some volunteers(I will be the first) to clean the square to clear up more space #tahrirideas

Hydration and Food

@mubaraketganen #TahrirIdeas bribe the fire dept. to show up & sprinkle the protesters with water to help prevent sun stroke

@noodlezzzzz "@Sandmonkey:need 2 set up the Tahrir public Kitchen, to feed people for free. Volunteer cooks & servers getting the food out. #Tahrirideas"

@msibrahim Depending on weather condition (heat, humidity) and health, take frequent breaks, 1 or 2 breaks each 5 to 20 min every hour #Tahrirideas

@radoooda Going to be very different on #july8 @ #tahrir with the summer heat. For those that go, remember to stay well-hydrated. #egypt #tahrirideas

@DaliaNewYork #Tahrirideas ladies, Pack some snacks in ur purses on #july8 guys won't think about that :-)

@omarelsewefy #Tahrirideas also bring lots of water in order to stay hydrated and avoid sun knock out , also come wearing something comfy

@Sama_Singer #TahrirIdeas Cotton white clothes avoid dark ones and get caps with you as well

@AalamWassef Reserve space for tea-koshary and merchandising vendors outside the square. #tahrirideas

Statistics and documentation
@iriniepoxy #TahrirIdeas Distbt small flyers w URL of pre-made survey to collct names, emails, intrests & gauge commitmnt. Incl email addy on ppr for Qs

@Sama_Singer #Tahrirideas report any violation (harassment , theft , fights..etc) and preferable to oust the violator out of the square

@shadenfawaz @Sandmonkey how about a lost and found?? #TahrirIdeas

@LeilZahra say no to sexual harassment and take an active part in making #Tahrir women-friendly #endSH #TahrirIdeas

@omarelsewefy #Tahrirideas we need survillance and information order to insure quality of information and prevent spreading of rumors

@shadyramadan Wtch out to sexual harrassments. Tough actions should be taken against whoever is doing this so it won't turn into goup action #Tahrirideas

@b9AcE @Sandmonkey An infopoint that gathers and disseminates info on upcoming events, missing people, debunks rumors, etc. #tahrirideas

@Sandmonkey We need 5 people running around with video cameras all the time. And to upload them on hourly basis.#Tahrirideas

@Sandmonkey We need 6 guys with walkietalkies, 4 on each side, one roaming, and one in front of the computer sending out realtime updates.#Tahrirideas

Technology and Getting Around

@hananzaz Welcome&Guiding Tent near main entrances to tell ppl where everything is. Perhaps a small map (on paper) to keep would be best! #Tahrirideas

@iRafla #Tahrirideas signs for places fiha Internet (wi-fi) hotspots coz using 3g and egde sa3b ma3 el za7ma..load 3al network

@noodlezzzzz "@Sandmonkey: We need electrical eng who will get car batteries & convert them 2 charge cell phones & cameras. Also computers.`#Tahrirideas"


  1. Your careful, thoughtful planning is brilliant. Mabruk!
    I pray for you all:
    rest for the night, strength in the morning,
    peace and power in your demonstrations
    You will surely open the ears and melt the hearts of the #scaf
    They are not willing learners, but they will learn if you are persistent.
    Be safe.

  2. Thank you so much DementedBonxie. I hope it all goes well tomorrow too!