Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Egyptian Women

There was a tag on twitter the other day #amazingegyptians where people were off naming a bunch of cool Egyptians. I noticed one tweet that said not many women were on there. So I after some research and asking around, I compiled a list- a very eclectic list of a plethora of Egyptian women ranging from scientists, journalists, doctors, actresses, and bloggers. Feel free to comment below to add more awesome Egyptian women because I am sure there are SOO much more!

Dr.Samira Mousa the first women to study nuclear science, PhD in Atomic Radiation, worked to make medical use of nuclear tech affordable to all Egyptians

Kamilia Abdelfattah - Egyptian psychologist and educator

Radwa Ashour - noble essayist, author, and lecturer, who won prizes all over the world for her artistic novels

Shams Ahmed, Egyptian bassist

Leila_Ahmed Egyptian writer on Islam and Muslim feminism, novelist, the first women's studies professor at Harvard Divinity School

Umm Kulthum - dubbed greatest female singer in Middle Eastern history.

Tamav Irinie, A modern Coptic saint.

Injy Hassan Aflatoun - Painter, whose political attitude showed in her work.

- Activist, Blogger, President Obama reads her blog.

Shahira Amin - Anchor/journalist for Egyptian State TV who resigned during Jan. 25 Revolution because of the station's lies.

Dalia Ziada- Activist, blogger, one of 150 most influential women in the world

Mona Eltahawy- columnist, feminist, public speaker

Nermeena - blogger, had her blog since 2004, one of the first bloggers in Egypt.

Eman Hashim award-winning blogger, teacher, writer, ophthalmologist

Nadia Younes: served as Deputy Spokeswoman for the Secretary-General of UN, Director of the UN Information Centre

Butheina Kamel, TV show host, candidate for Egypt's first free presidential elections post-Mubarak

Nawal el-Saadawi Egyptian doctor, feminist, writer

Hoda Shaarawi
- Egyptian feminist, nationalist

Asma Mahfouz - Activist whose vlogs helped spark the revolution.

Hanan Turk - outstanding actress, former ballerina, volunteer, worldwide ambassador for the international NGO Islamic Relief

Azza Fahmy - jewelery designer, was British Designer of the Year.

Lamia Bahnasawy - Archery champion, participated in 2004 Olympics

Nadia El-Awady President of the World Federation of Science Journalists.

Dalia Mogahed - Advisor selected by Obama on the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Executive Director of Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, executive director at Women in International Security (WIIS)

Jihan El Midany - Pentathlete at Youth Olympic Games

Ethar El-Katatney
- Award-winning journalist, author.

Aya Medani, Competed in 2008 Olympics, Pentathlon, fencing.

St. Mary of Egypt - who took on man's garb to enter monastery and was falsely accused of sin

Ragia Omran - exceptional human rights lawyer

Hayat Farag- Egyptian wrestler, competed in 2008 Olympics


  1. great effort aya

  2. My dear girl thank you!I added a few more I love= Hatshepsut, Nefertiti,Cleopatra,Hagar (Abraham's wife) Asia(Moses' savior), St Catherine of Alexandria(St Catherine's monastary),Arsinoe the Second, Ptolemy the Second's wife, was beautiful & very powerful; more famous female rulers were Neith-iqeret or Nitocris, Sobek-nefru,, & Ta-wesert, Neith-iqeret.
    Sayeda Nafisa, a descendant of the Prophet, gave religious lessons in her house in Egypt & was a great woman loved by the Egyptian population, her mausoleum is still very popular today. Lady Meskah, a slave to Sultan Al-Nasir Mohammad Ibn Qala'un raised him & played a major role in the social life of the time. Lady Meskah established a mosque & taught Islamic knowledge & wisdom in the area of Sayeda Zeinab.
    Khawand Toghay built a khanqa, a monastery or Sufi convent. This khanqa, had houses linked to it where Sufis lived. Hoda Sh aarawi&Ester Fanous decided to establish a committee representing the women of Egypt acting jointly with the delegation. In St Mark Church, the women held a meeting where Hoda Shaarawi was nominated chair & Fekria Hosny, Ehsan Al-Qoussy & Ester Fanous were nominated as secretaries. They subsequently held a political meeting in a mosque where they delivered their teachings for the first time with men.
    if we keep looking we'll never stop,so many women heroines come from here, we're so lucky, but we just have to keep up the momentum :)) keep the faith !
    God bless us all & grant us wisdom

  3. I am so proud of all Egyptian women.. God bless them

  4. THank you all so much for your comments! Thank you tcherkass for list and explanation of all the other amazing Egyptian women!