Sunday, May 22, 2011

My #Jan25 Tweets Compilation: Re-living the Revolution

I wasn't even in Egypt during the #Jan25 revolution but I often miss it so much that I watch videos on YouTube for hours. I also searched for my tweets and compiled them here as a memoir and I'll eventually make a scrapbook. Just going through them all reminded me of all the time, effort and hard work Egyptians went through, which eventually resulted in #Feb11. Scroll down to start with #Jan25 then keep scrolling up. The revolution continues ...

Feb 13 w kol share3 f beladiiiiii #jan25 #egypt
Feb 13 my #egypt #jan25 cupcakes made it on @AJE !!
Feb 13 mom told me re #jan25 "lesson learned, when u believe in something you keep fighting for it until you reach it, don't change mind in middle"

Feb 12 I'll finally be able to look like a normal human and look decent when going out #jan25 Congrats Egypt
Feb 12 We will never forget those martyrs who died for their country #jan25 #Egypt
Feb12 fail: bush goes to war with 2 countries over YEARS to give them "democracy" ... win: egypt = democracy = 18 days Congrats Egypt #jan25
Feb 12 RT“@cypherbug: Got a Dictator in your country?......Hire an Egyptian #jan25”
Feb 12 and whats with ppl stilll saying we should respect hosni mubarak? FE SETEEEN ALF DAHYA TAKHDO #jan25

Feb 11 This is surreal #jan25 #egypy
Feb11 Masr masr masr #jan25 #egypt
Feb11 Power to the people #jan25 #egypt

Feb10 I love u Egypt #jan25
Feb10 I'll always keep fighting until your full rights #jan25
Feb 10 RT “@cnnbrk: Egyptian information minister denies President Mubarak is stepping down, state TV reports.”
Feb10 Excllent step Egyptians! We should celebrate but we also need to continue to demand our full freedom and rights and democracy #jan25
Feb 10 Young Egyptian Elites Share First Hand Experience Protesting at Tahrir Square
Feb10 RT“@WTOL11: LOCAL NEWS - Toledo Egyptians disappointed by Mubarak's announcement”

Feb 9 i havent tweeted much today, but egypt has been on my mind all day, did my assignments for class all wrong, asked my prof to redo it. #jan25
Feb 9 egypt is my role model. period. #jan25 #tahrir

Feb 8 RT “@ashrafkhalil: Just back from Tahrir. If numbers keep growing like this, these guys are going to need a bigger square #egypt”
Feb 8 RT “@izzarian: Went to #Tahrir today, it was exhilarating. #Egypt”

Feb 7 Cnn email:Google executive Wael Ghomin, who went missing in protests in Cairo, Egypt, has been released, Google says. <- lol spelling #jan25

Feb 6 RT “@FaithCNN: Christians, Muslims hold hands in Cairo, some holding up crosses and Korans #Egypt #Jan25 #tahrir #mubarak”

Feb 5 RT “@HaninSh: RETWEET if you believe that Twitter is a better news source than other media channels! :) #Jan25 #Egypt #World”

Feb 4 I'll be at work till 6 can't update cuz I work with kids can't use iPhone. Tweet me updates so I can read later plz #jan25
Feb 4 i have never everrr been this exhausting and sleepless. i cant imagine what those living in egypt and protesting are feeling. #jan25 respct
Feb 4 :( #jan25
Feb 4 is proud to walk like an egyptian #jan25 #tahrir
Feb 4 I'd love to show a large crema pie in Mubarak's face just about now #Jan25 #jan25 #egyot
Feb4 for anyone at #tahrir square today you are my hero. can i have your autograph? #jan25 #Jan25 #egypt #Tahrirsquare
Feb 3 Lol people on my FB telling protesters to go home. Man people these days thinking a revolution would be a piece of cake hahaha #jan25
Feb 3 Peter Bergen @CNN: I dont think the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous at all #jan25
Feb 3 i love egypt. period. #jan25 #feb1 #egypt
Feb 3 its time for me to sleep. hope i wake up to good news. send me updates. ill wake up early to catch up on updates. good night all #jan25

Feb 2 who else is mad?! i cant be the only one? why are people saying theyll wait 8 more months? why are people pro mubarak?# jan25 #feb1
Feb 2 a distant relative claimed that mubarak is a good man and shes furious that everyone is attacking him.we're not related anymore #jan25 #feb1
Feb2@BloggerSeif welcome back online we've all been tweeting and writing about u guys#jan25
Feb1 My uncle is at tahrir square and my cousins too! #jan25 #feb1'

Jan31 I love u Egyptian and non Egyptian tweeps out there tweeting updates and support. Power to the people #jan25

Jan 30 Running on 3 hrs of sleep and it's not exam week it's revolution week #jan25 #egypt

Jan 29#jan25 so proud of egyptians and non-egyptians all over the world protesting injustice and corruption in #Egypt

Jan 28 Cairo and Egyptian are trending
Jan 28 Hopw u had nightmares all night mubarak you've kept thousands of sleepless for years #jan25 #Egypt
Jan 28 It's 1 15 am should get some sleep #jan25
Jan 28 keep #Jan25 trending! The world needs to know the illegal crimes committed by Mubarak
Jan 28 Silence is a crime #jan25
Jan 28Tawaqalt gala Allah #jan25
Jan 28 #jan25 here we come

Jan 27 I rarely curse, but I have cursed these past couple of days, and here it goes again damn you to hell Mubarak. You're a piece of shit. #jan25
Jan 27 i just tweeted khloe kardashion about the revolution in egypt when she asked whats going on today hehe. #jan25

Jan 25 My moms so cute she called me and told if we were in Egypt on this day she would have joined the protesters #jan25 #Egypt

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