Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you hot in that?

You know when it's 105 degres outside, humid, and a random person comes up to you and asks "are you hot in that?" Here are some answers you can say if you are sick and tired of trying to explain.

- Always say: I'm hot. Hijab or not! (via ahmedmoein on twitter)

- It's a new sunblock (via bomba203 on twitter)

- Yes, but I got good wifi reception (via elusivemelon on twitter)

- Good question a warm brain can function better and if I have an ice cold milk shake I won' t get a brain freeze :) (via meers14 on twitter)

- Aren't you hot? Yeah, well me too. Duh. (via Durriyah1982 on twitter)

- I think even if someone was naked they would be hot

- I'm as hot as you are.

- Well think about it, what do people wear in deserts? long sleeves and cover their head to be protected from the heat.

- Yes, thank you for asking. Are you?

- Hmm, it's 105 degrees outside, and we're both sweating what the hell do you think?

- Yeah but I'm bald so I have to cover my head to not get a heat stroke.

- Is that a serious question?

- Stop. Drop. And keep rolling on the ground until they leave.

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