Sunday, October 16, 2011

Muslim American Consumer Campaign- Survey

Hello guys! I know it's been a while since I posted here last. My dad was really sick and I had to go back home to Ohio to be with him and the family for three weeks. He is recovering now. Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers!

You know what bugs me often? During Eid and Ramadan there are rarely any campaigns out there at stores or malls that target Muslims. I mean for all American and/or Christian holidays (ie Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc millions of dollars are spent on advertising. Even non-Christian holidays such as Passover, you will find decorations and special items just for those occasions. The only two companies that I have seen cater to Muslim holidays were Whole Foods and Best Buy. Often Costco and some grocery stores have halal items.
I don't know about you but I get super excited when such campaigns occur and it makes me want to buy their products even more because finally they are noticing that Muslims are part of America!

I took this survey here that is targeted towards Muslims in America and what services and products they want to be targeted to them. It took me five minutes to complete. And the cool part is that $1 will be donated to Islamic Relief when you complete the survey!

This is the American Muslim Mom Media Network campaign for DinarStandard.
Please take the American Muslim Consumer Advocacy Survey

The American Muslim Consumer Conference will share the results. More details here:

Please note: I received compensation for this campaign by the American Muslim Mom Media Network However, the thoughts and opinions of this post are my own.

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  1. As-salamu alaykum dear Aya and May Allah continue to bless your father with more strength. Ameen!

    Actually, there were a number of cool campaigns this past Eid and Ramadan, that I was so excited about; such as big brands like Western Union and without tooting my horn, but our which is moving along quite strong to this day, alhumdulilah!

    Anyways, please make the correction, that I nor American Muslim Mom will be announcing the results of this survey, but the American Muslim Consumer Conference will, inshaAllah. More details here:

    I know a free public version will be made available after their debut announcement at the conference on Oct. 28th though...inshaAllah, I will keep you posted about that.